Understanding Transformational Consulting

Author: Justine Chinoperekweyi

What is the meaning of transformational consulting?

Transformational consulting is a systematic, holistic, and humanistic approach to the provision of support services to a client through widespread informed inquiries and engagement of stakeholders, the co-design of interventions that awaken and empower the system to actualize its potential, continually self-renew, take advantage of the emerging potential, and lead from the emerging future, while achieving productivity, profitability, and sustainability. In transformational consulting, the consultant makes use of provocatively poignant questions, generative dialogue, storytelling, contemplative and reflective practices, and creating psychologically safe spaces to uncover covert and grand structural and cultural issues affecting a client system. It is an eclectic approach that is deeply embedded in contextual intelligence and emergent learning with the client system, not the consultant, being the primary change agent. It usually entails the consultant, as a gadfly facilitator of meaningful and generative conversations, working in partnership with the client system to co-create and co-evolve sustainable and profitable interventions.

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