Reframing Corporate Governance Orientation in an Era of Epochal Change

*This is an Abstract of the article published by the Organization Development Journal (ODJ), Vol.38(4)

Authors: Justine Chinoperekweyi, Kurai Makumbe, Tsitsi Chundu

In view of the need to integrate theory and practice in OD and change management, the authors explore fundamental concepts towards
the development of a sustainability-focused corporate governance model. This is informed by the drawbacks of mandating complex adaptive systems to operate based on an off-the-shelf model of corporate governance in an environment demanding organization flexibility and self renewal. The authors submit that current and future corporate governance orientation requires constant adaptation, ambidexterity, and creativity rather than perpetuating, legitimizing, and fetishizing the comply or explain regulatory approach. Organizations are
operating in an era of epochal change; hence the need for directors to enhance their exploration and exploitation competencies through corporate governance convergence. Trends indicate that traditional corporate governance mechanisms limit organizational effectiveness, yet most corporate governance debates and discussions predominantly focus on the traditional corporate governance infrastructure while shirking the particulars of the operating environment. Corporate governance interventions should consider the present and the future business environment, with the aim of using corporate resources for creating value in the long run. The authors concluded that corporate leaders need to be guided by holistic strategic change leadership in order to drive sustainable growth.

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