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Justine Chinoperekweyi

Justine Chinoperekweyi, PhD., is the Director: Academics & Programs at Centre for Organization Leadership & Development (COLD) Harare, Zimbabwe.

Justine is also the managing editor of the Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly, Director of Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) Zimbabwe, Academic Director and Visiting Faculty in United Arab Emirates.

Justine is the author of the following books: Exceptionality Without Relapse: pathways and principles to creating an exceptional life; Decision Making for Transformational Presence: Guide to making decisions that work; and Corporate Governance in Banking: Nuggets from Canada, Georgia, Germany, U.K., and Zimbabwe.

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Corporate Governance in Banking

This book written by Justine Chinoperekweyi is great, full of academic rigor and thorough in its coverage on corporate governance theories and best practices. It is well exemplified with case studies and guide readers prudently through different aspects of current corporate governance debates, not only for a specific region in Africa, but universally. This book is an essential (and much needed) addition to the body of knowledge of governance practitioners, academics, students and other related professionals. This multidisciplinary book has taken an innovative approach as it is linking corporate governance with complexity theories as well as provides substantial new insights into why governance systems are failing and what may be done to improve this situation. Well done Justine for this great work. I endorse and recommend this book to all my colleagues and friends.” Mr. Kwanele Ngwenya (CEO, NBS Bank, Malawi) “Justine addresses one of the most important issues of our times, the need for transformation of corporate governance in the financial industry worldwide. Justine masterfully connects the dots between a variety of theories, well-known real-case examples, the unpredictable factor of human nature, the importance of leadership, and how organization development can weaken or strengthen the whole organization. The many dimensions and the complexity of the whole subject are presented in a clear, structured and easy to follow style.” Nicole Heimann (CEO & Leadership Alliance Coach of Nicole Heimann & Partners AG, Switzerland)

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Conquering the Listening Dilemma

Listening is essential to leadership and social influence because the act of listening is the foundation of communication, love, problem-solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation. There is tremendous beauty and great understanding in listening because real listening leads to extraordinary personal and professional development. Listening is a skill, an act that needs deliberate attention and continuous practice. The emergence of the formless dimension of pure consciousness is a function of choice-less awareness which is driven by extraordinary, intense, active, intuitive listening. To become unshakeable masters of the different dimensions of life, it is essential to conquer the listening dilemma and avoid the mere identification with life’s form.


Decision Making for Transformational Presence

The ability to quickly make good decisions is the hallmark for transformational presence. The ability to make decisions that work is an essential characteristic that the world has been, and is still yelling for. The world is crying, groaning, yelling for most of us to revisit our decision-making processes to incorporate transformational presence and to incorporate even the basics of genuine transformation within ourselves and around us. This book is a transformational guide to making such decisions that work on the bigger picture.
The book introduces models and concepts to effective and transformational decision-making skills at a time when most people have put off making decisions by endlessly searching for more information or entirely outsourcing other people to offer their recommendations. There is an increasing peril of dependence in decision-making among most individuals. A fundamental question cannot be answered by someone else. Individuals, families, organizations and societies have the wisdom and capacity to champion transformation by refining their decision-making capacities. To refine that capacity, it is essential to create light within self by igniting your decision making capacity through enhancing your perception and intelligence.


Exceptionality without Relapse

Most people are living an unfortunate, shoddy, superficial life with no sense of direction, no sense of purpose, no hope for integrated living, no meaningful relationships; but merely dragging through life on autopilot mode and accumulating worldly experiences and artifacts.
What can one do to create an exceptional life?
An exceptional life is not something that happens by accident, it has to be created. In this transformative new book, Justine Chinoperekweyi shows that the journey to exceptionality is a creative-intelligent and self-powered wheel. There are certain key ingredients needed by any human being who is seeking perfection.
Exceptionality Without Relapse is about those who want to excel in all areas of life by enhancing perception and intelligence. The book helps readers to think from different perspectives and bring about an integrated comprehension of life. The book suggests pathways and principles through which people can transition from insufficiency to a point where they seek opportunities. Hence, in order to live a meaningful life, one should be able to recognize his/her greatness. This would help them become exceptional.

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The Organization Development (OD) Blueprint

The Organization Development (OD) Blueprint is a resource and/or guide for individuals, teams, and organizations who pursue the broader Organization Development outcomes premised on inquiry and engagement, innovation and industrialization. The purpose of this blueprint is to develop an appropriate Organization Development (OD) approach to optimize the activities of OD Professionals, Scholars, Coaches, and Educators in Zimbabwe, Africa and globally. The main question addressed through the Organization Development Blueprint is: In what ways can OD be a suitable approach to build the capacity of public and private sector organizations and thus have an impact on the entire economy?


Organization Development Review

The Organization Development (OD) field is clearly changing, both in terms of its research focus and its practice. The Organization Development Review is a cumulative knowledge development resource targeted at enhancing contextual and strategic intelligence of OD & change management scholar-practitioners. In view of the widening boundaries and significant methodological inventiveness in the OD field, this book explores fundamental concepts and vocabulary of OD and change management.
The review proffered in this book is important to continually fan to flame organization development conversations that are embedded in the field’s operational and humanistic language. The crystallization of the OD field’s identity can be sustained through effectively aligning the concepts reviewed in this resource. OD scholar-practitioners should uphold the values underlying organization development practice in order to sustain fundamental OD outcomes.
This book facilitates revisiting the science, theory, practice and values upon which the multi-disciplinary OD field is based. The Organization Development Review does not seek to merely implant existing values but rather to ignite discussions that facilitate the emergence of new OD values. The book seeks to promote novelty, impact, truth, and coherence in OD practice. This book facilitates rebooting OD orientation & practice, rethinking OD interventions, and re-examining the OD scholar-practitioner’s roles and skills.


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