Organization Development Consulting Services

The OD Blueprint states that “The OD field is expanding in terms of methodological inventiveness, philosophical orientation, and transformative value”. In view of the strategic direction and initiatives in Zimbabwe and most African countries, it is accurate to state that the practice of OD is a strategic and operational imperative for facilitating organizational effectiveness and societal development. The OD interventions, if properly developed and implemented, are essential at fostering economic and social resilience.

Centre for Organization Leadership and Development provides comprehensive organization development consulting services globally, with active engagements in Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, and USA. As stated in the OD Blueprint, the consulting services at Centre for Organization Leadership and Development advances the following purposes:

  • Enhance the capacity of OD Consultants and the performance of people
  • Foster economic and social resilience
  • Drive better long-term business results
  • Create value for private and public sector organizations
  • Explore foresight tools for organization-wide strategy development and innovation
  • Review tools, techniques, and processes to OD consulting
  • Determine certain rigidities or traps that undermine OD consulting work

According to Prof. David W. Jamieson, “OD is built around change and learning and what makes it stand out is it can produce sustainable, committed change outcomes that benefit all.  We focus on inclusion, ownership, involvement, integrity, and people wanting to help with and implement innovations and better ways to conduct the “business”.”

As Centre for Organization Leadership and Development, at the core of our work is the mission to “lead sustainable strategic change, facilitate continuous improvement, and improve the human condition”.

COLD Advisory & Consulting Services also aim at facilitating continuous Human Capabilities Development, to develop people in line with the organization development interventions of the client system. In line with industrialization and innovation requirements in most economies, the COLD model focuses on continuously developing people and organizations’ creative and analytical capabilities.

Consulting Services

In helping individuals, work-groups and organizations develop & implement sustainable strategic change interventions, COLD consultants engage in the following whole system approaches:

  • Collaborative Assessment, Feedback & Diagnosis
  • OD & Change Learning & Development
  • Organization Capacity Development
  • Performance Improvement & Value Creation
  • Transformational Change & Development
  • Strategy, Design & Action Planning
  • Organization Alignment & Re-alignment
  • Continuous Development of People
  • Organization Design & Re-design
  • Governance, Business Systems & Processes Analysis
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management

Organization Development informed Services

  • Contract-based scientific and applied research for not-for-profit, private, and public sector organizations and communities. Leveraging national and international consultants, COLD Advisory & Consulting Services contributes to finding sustainable solutions to developmental, social, environmental, economic, industrial and business problems.
  • Provide scientific experience and professional supervision relating to the evaluation and preparation of professional programs.
  • Provision of advisory and consulting services to not-for-profit, private, and public sector organizations and communities.
  • Provision of advisory, consulting, and training expertise from the Organization Leadership and Development Network database.
  • SMEs advisory, consulting, and support services. Designing and implementing Run-The-Business, Grow-The-Business, and Transform-The-Business interventions.

Working closely with national and international clients, we follow a clear methodology based on the following Guiding Principles:

  • Co-creation of possibilities
  • Whole System Thinking
  • Emergent Action Learning
  • Client-centrism
  • Generative Dialogue
  • Data-driven Interventions

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