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Exploring Philosophical Proclivity of Change Management Articles: Technical-rational Perspective versus Other Change Philosophies
Published by: Organization Development Journal (ODJ), Summer 2020

This study seeks to explore the extent of continued managerial proclivity towards perpetuating and legitimizing non-holistic n-step change management methodologies such as the technical-rational approach. It seems to be a widely shared view that as a result of the indispensible chaos and complexity in contemporary organizations, unidimensional approaches cannot sustain organizations. The study leveraged on a review and analysis of literature using a simple random approach to select change management articles from such premier blogs and magazines as Forbes, Harvard Business Review (HBR), Walkme, Industry Week, BCG, Prosci, and Human Resources Today. A review of the change management philosophies is important in revealing the deep suppositions being made by academicians, theorists, practitioners, and managers. The study concludes that there is need for the adoption of organizational change methodologies that integrate concepts of diagnosing context and exercising knowledge. The review of change management articles exhibits the different philosophies to change management and the need for integrative philosophy to successfully manage change. Contrary to view that the management penchant for n-step approaches to change continue to gain traction, the reviewed literature indicates the increasing call for holistic methodologies that complement the rational orthodoxy.
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