Blindfolding Professionals: when ‘professionals’ suppress the creative potential in professionals

Author: Justine Chinoperekweyi Are you one of those professionals who are blindfolded by some mediocre, materialistic standards and artefacts being used in the marketplace today? Have you fallen prey to some professional gimmicks and gymnastics being used to lure professionals into an ‘ecstacy of professional irrelevance’? Are you one of those who has been on…

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Fostering innovation and creativity workplaces: Organization Development Perspectives

Tomorrow is uncertain, yes; it is increasingly uncertain – things are rapidly changing. The covid-19 pandemic has literally forced all organizations to radically and abruptly change, organize, and re-strategize their manufacturing and distribution models. There is no doubt that innovation and creativity are fundamental preconditions for individuals, teams, organizations, and societies to thrive… Why?! Heeding…

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