Talent Management

Fostering Organization Development (OD) to sanitize Organizational Leadership

Author: Justine Chinoperekweyi, Ph.D., People must always come first in any process of sustainable development” Robert Mugabe. Most working professionals are in bondage of ‘sugarcoated or marinated’ modern day slavery. Some have been locked in the same cubicles for years, some are denied their basic rights as workers, some are discriminated, others are bullied, and…

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Turning Talent Potential into Power through Appreciative Leadership

Author: Dr. Justine Chinoperekweyi Effective talent management is an all time driver of broader organizational outcomes. Organizations need to firmly realize that though systems, processes, business models, and brands are essential to organizational stability and sustainability; taking pride in developing talent has significant competitive advantages. As organizations continually refine their Talent Agenda in order to…

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Restoring Credibility in Professional Learning & Development: Dilemmas & Questions

Author: Dr. Justine Chinoperekweyi Most people are trainers and coaches (business, life, leadership) today, than never before. Why? What results or transformative value has these training and coaching engagements brought to individuals, organizations, and societies? I might be wrong, but it seems the more we get these so called ‘trainers and coaches’ the more decay…

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