Brainz 500 Global Award – Reflections on the Impact & Influence OD Scholar-Practitioner from Zimbabwe

Chuffed to be listed on Brainz 500 Global List 2021. Brainz 500 Global is an annual global list published in December every year featuring a total of 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential leaders and Small business owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to helping others.

Being featured with 499 globally reputable and influential leaders and entrepreneurs is a humbling and encouraging experience. This led me to reflect on the work we are doing, our Vision, and the transformational impact thereof. Are we really making a difference? Do I really deserve this honor?

Justine Chinoperekweyi Mission & Research Statement – How can individuals, work groups, organizations, and communities lead sustainable strategic change, facilitate continuous improvement, and improve the human condition – improve plans, people, processes & performance.’

The following phrases guide the work we do:

  • Igniting Insightful Conversations!
  • Cultivating Gadfly Mindset to lead sustainable strategic change, facilitate continuous improvement, and improve the human condition.
  • Shunning celebration of mediocrity, fetishization of irrelevance, and deviance normalization.

How did I get here? What makes me fit among 500 Global entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and small business owners? What does this mean to the mission and purpose I/we serve? Is this not another 21st Century scheme to so-called ‘personal branding’? Is this not a way to celebrate mediocrity? As an ordinary Zimbabwean, these are some of the reflection questions that I battled with after being invited as Executive Contributor and after being notified of being included on the Brainz 500 Global List.

To appreciate the space I was getting into and the responsibility that I will assume after the award, I took a random sample of 50 honorees from the 2020 Global List and did a bit of analysis using Google Search and LinkedIn profiles. Just as is evident on the 2021 Brainz 500 Global List, the 2020 Global List has super amazing professionals.

Listed below are some highlights of the work we do. I invite you to be part of our transformation agenda.

  • The mission we serve as Centre for Organization Leadership and Development (COLD) and Organization Leadership and Development Network (OLDN). Indeed, with a global focus, we created space for leading-edge insight and competency-based learning. We have signed meaningful MoUs with International Society for Organization Development & Change (USA), Unicaf University in Zambia, OD Institute (Ghana). We also entered into a collaborative partnership with The Institute of Emergent Organizational Development and Emergent Change Development® (EOD®) (Canada) and signed a service level agreement for SMEs development support in Saudi Arabia. During the year 2021 we have executed contracts in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, UAE, and USA. We actively supported, through co-creation initiatives, 13 MSMEs in Africa and Asia during the year 2021. Check COLD-OLDN 2021 Activities.
  • Through our certification programme we have stretched our reach and collaborated with colleagues from Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Philippines. Since inception, we have facilitated knowledge-exchange programs targeted at India (through SMGI), Afghanistan, Uzbekistan (at Tashkent State University), Botswana (through Higher Thinkers Global and Bright Meadows Educational Consultancy), Zimbabwe (through ALMA and HIT). Certified Organization Leadership and Development Consultant (COLDC) participants have participated as Facilitators, Moderators, Speakers, Trainers in Masterclass Sessions, Consulting Seminars, International Conferences, and Workshops. COLDC participants are also consulting as coordinators of international conferences in Africa and beyond. We have been supported by global scholars and practitioners who participated as Guest Facilitators. We also had organizations such as Ecobank Limited Zimbabwe that opened their doors for Action Learning Projects conducted by COLDC participants.
  • Through OLDN we have facilitated international conferences, workshops, masterclasses, international forums and OLDN TV Leadership interviews. These forums were supported by distinguished scholars and practitioners such as Dr. Christine Mushibwe, Prof. David W. Jamieson, Dr. Violet Makuku, Prof. Grace Akinola, Nicole Heimann, Marina Cvetkovic, Dr. Oleg Konovalov, Dr. Elizabeth Mamukwa, Dr. Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Dr. Joanne C. Preston, Paul Crick, Roberto Bendana to mention a few. Check out the following conferences: OLDN2020, OLDN2021-1, and OLDN2021-2.
  • As Justine, I have been extensively involved in scholar-practitioner publications through Organization Development Review, Organization Development Journal,, Brainz Magazine, Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly, Institute of OD, Modern Minds Magazine, Zimbabwe Shopping Malls, personal blog, Human Capital Hub, and recently, Practicing Social Change Journal. Is this not just publishing to fulfil demands of contemporary scholarship? The writing has been embedded in the 5 dimensions of scholarship (discovery, application, integration, SoTL, and practice). Following publications, we facilitated generative dialogues, embedded the findings in our learning programmes. I have also collaborated with colleagues from different parts of the world including Tsitsi Chundu, Kurai Makumbe, Cheryl M. Young, Agnes Ojung’a, Tinashe Tonhodzai, and Patrick Trottier.
  • The Co-creation & Exceptionality Meetings Online (CEMOs) is a concept that integrates traditional and contemporary methods of convening. This was necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic and supported individuals from UAE, Philippines, Afghanistan, USA, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and India. This has opened up space for meaningful connections and the co-creation of sustainable futures (personal and professional development). An article on this will likely be available for download through Academic Journals.
  • Provided coaching services on Corporate Governance to Eudoracity Business School in Nigeria and Board responsibilities at The WorkBooth Magazine, and ISODC.
  • Presented the need to deconstruct the social construct around gender in Africa at African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO Feature).
  • We participated at ISODC and OD Network International Conferences. Mr. Mohammad Faisal Bariyaly, COLDC from Afghanistan, led the ISODC session while I was part of the OD Network panelists. Glad to have been interviewed on the Global OD Matters Dialogue in June 2021. Shared leadership and governance insights with Scholar TV and Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG).
  • COLD hosted an Africa-focused ISODC Townhall that was led by Dr. Dotun Moses Jegede and Mr. Paul Nyausaru. This was followed by participation at ASM India and NODE Lebanon townhalls.
  • Designed my-OLDN portal to create space for reflection and continuous feedback among OLDN members. The platform contains Member Impact-Influence Reflection (MI-IR) and 24-standard Continuous Personal & Professional Development (CPPD). Furthermore, the platform has an Online Library for OD & Change professionals.
  • We are commented for having a strong organizational structure, comprising Advisory Council Members, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, International Directors, Volunteers, Consultants, and Staff. We have distributed staff members from Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, and UAE.
  • The Reframing Corporate Perspectives Series was a huge success. This was a result of the collaborative partnership between Centre for Organization Leadership and Development (Zimbabwe), Unicaf University in Zambia, and Transform Your Performance (Zimbabwe). We facilitated the sessions from March – October 2021 under two themes: 1) Practical Integration of Employees as a Performance Strategy, and 2) Humanizing the Workplace. We are looking forward to publish the Humanizing the Workplace Report in May 2022.
  • Have participated at Association of African Universities Conference (Ghana), Sohar University, and Sultan Qaboos University – with presentation on OD & Change.
  • Published six books with the seventh book on “Co-creating Talented and Human-centered Organizations” currently under review. A list of some of my scholar-practitioner publications is available on my website.
  • Have published case studies of our consulting engagements and also International Forum Reports titled Global OLDN Reports.
  • I serve as Academic Director and Faculty at BPEC in Abu Dhabi.
  • Facilitated teacher training programs with Indian, Filipino, Zimbabwean schools with a focus on the banking concept of education. The facilitation emphasized the need to restore dignity to the teaching profession. Have made academic presentations at Sohar University and Sultan Qaboos University, in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Our education and support scheme for the marginalized has been a huge success this year. Though we are not adding new beneficiaries during the first half of 2022, we look forward to more successes in 2022 and beyond.

Other Awards

To date, Justine is recipient of 2 awards as follows:

Thank you so much to those who support the mission and purpose. Much credit to my wife Grace, who runs the administrative roles from behind the scenes. Furthermore, I appreciate all my colleagues on OLDN platform; COLD participants, Guests, Partners, and clients.

Appreciations to the Brainz Magazine Team for the honor.

To learn more about Justine Chinoperekweyi, check out Facebook, LinkedIn, or COLD LinkedIn

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